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“Can’t stop reading. Addictive.”      “I laughed…”    “What a delight…”  “What a fine story.”   “… a great story, masterfully and engagingly told.”

A tale of pride, ambition, and folly in a university Department of Mathematics. Professor Jeffrey Albacete, author of Matrix Algebra, now in its 9th edition, gets himself into hot water academically and romantically before safely extricating himself from the mayhem with a little help from his academic colleagues who, despite his egocentricity and self-centered approach to work and life, are also his friends.  A steady supply of excellent coffee, including the fabled cat-poo coffee, kopi luwak, and blueberry muffins keeps Jeffrey on track to a new exciting version of his book.  

Review by Alexander Bogomolny (@CutTheKnotMath):

Alexander_Bogomolny“I am admittedly a compulsive reader. I either stop reading a book if I do not like it, or I continue reading until finished – with only obligatory interruptions. Gary Davis’ book brought me an entirely new and tantalizing experience. Gary used daily tweets on to announce new installation at his popular blog Republic of Mathematics ( So there was no other way but to do the reading a chapter a day. Had it been my choice – and I can candidly say that after the fact – I would have gobbled the book in one setting. The story is about a year long episode in a life of a college math department. Any one, I believe, who ever held a position in an academic department would easily identify the traits of Gary’s protagonists as shared by some of their colleagues. The characters were authentic, evolution of events realistic; it took me a while to realize that the book was entirely a work of fiction. Naturally, while there are similarities, not all math departments are the same; Gary’s no different in this respect. It is painted with its own problems and peculiarities. Although a mathematics professor, Gary navigates his story with the skill of a professional writer. He narrates his story that takes several imaginative turns with confidence of a participant and kind humor of life’s keen observer. That’s a great story, masterfully and engagingly told. Read and enjoy.”

About the Author

About the Author

Author: Gary Ernest Davis

Publisher: Republic of Mathematics™

Publication date: July 2014



Praise for Coffee, Love and Matrix Algebra:

“I really enjoyed this! …. The style reminds me of David Lodge, only he wouldn’t have math professors as the subjects. Keep ‘em coming!” – Adam Glesser, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Suffolk University, Boston.

“Can’t stop reading. Addictive.” –

“I laughed, and then wondered how deep in the math ed world one has to be to ‘get it’.” – Sue van Hattum, Contra Costa College, San Pablo, CA

“I just finished chapter 4 — what a delight waking up to a new chapter and now having a second new chapter (5).  The problem is . . . chapter 4 left me with a hankering for a blueberry muffin! Thanks so much for these, I’ve been deeply enjoying them.” – Sigal Gottlieb, Professor of Mathematics, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

“What a fine story. Read at Dunkin-Donuts, with coffee latte and a blueberry muffin.” – Alexander Bogomolny,

“Thanks! … Looks like you’ve captured the familiar tensions in academia .” – Nalini Joshi, Professor of Mathematics, University of Sydney, Australia, former President of the Australian Mathematical Society, Fellow of the Australian Academy of Sciences.